Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry

JAHIS Vision 2030

Towards achieving healthcare information systems to support a healthy and wealthy national life

 The total population of Japan has been declining since the peak of 128.08 million in 2008 (Census). Furthermore, as the elderly population increases and the working-age population decreases at the same time, the aging rate in 2018 (the ratio of the population aged 65 and over to the total population) reached 28.1%, which is an unprecedented level in the world. The rate is projected to rise further in the future (Cabinet Office White Paper 2019).

 In response to this situation, the Headquarters for Social Security/Work-Style Reform in Anticipation of 2040 of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is proceeding with a study targeting at increasing the total number of the active population and implementing medical/welfare frontline management with fewer workers to enhance productivity in the era of population decline. They are also working on the tasks to ensure sustainable social security systems by reviewing benefits and burdens to meet the requirements in an age of a 100-year life, while promoting the healthy life extension plan and the medical and welfare service reform plan.

 Since Information technology is an indispensable tool to address the present issues of Japan, the Data Health Reform Promotion Headquarters of the Ministry announced the direction to promote four initiatives: promotion of genomic medicine/AI utilization, promotion of personal health record systems that allow the use of one’s own health data for lifestyle improvement, promotion of data usage in medical/nursing sites, and promotion of effective database utilization.

 JAHIS has always been investigating the future vision of healthcare information systems and has regularly presented it to the members, related groups, and related organizations.
This time, in response to recent changes in administrative trends and also to mark our 25th anniversary of foundation, we published our “Vision 2030.”
 JAHIS will further our efforts on the basis of this “Vision 2030” to contribute to settling the challenges in our country by IT application and solution.

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