Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry


The Healthcare and Welfare Information Systems Division discusses information sharing platforms and care at home in regional healthcare, supporting health and medical checkups as well as local government welfare and care initiatives and long-term care insurance. The main activities of the Healthcare and Welfare Information Systems Division are as follows
  1. Discussion of issues related to technological and operational aspects of achieving regional medical cooperation with interoperability, including medical cooperation for care at home, promoting standardization and other infrastructure initiatives.
  2. Discussion of operational issues related to a health promotion (data health planning, specific medical checkups and specific health guidance, worksite programs), health data transferring and an m-health system.
  3. Discussion of issues relating to reform of municipal clerical process of welfare, care and insurance systems and new measures, proposals to related agencies, and timely provision of information to members.
  4. Efficient administration of divisions with enhanced cooperation between committees and prompt communication with members, flexible response to the changing external environment, and expansion of the scope of activities.

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