Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry


The Medical Accounting Systems Division undertakes standardization in the field of medical computing, consolidating technological infrastructure. With the aim of supporting structural reform of medicine using IT, we focus on the following three areas through seven committee activities.

1. Committee activities
    Hospital and Clinical Accounting Systems Committee
    Dental Accounting Systems Committee
    Pharmacy Accounting Systems Committee
    Patient Care Accounting Systems Committee
    Medical Accounting Master File Committee
    Electronic Receipt Committee
    Diagnosis Procedure Combination Committee

2. Priority areas
  • Working with related agencies to define the purpose of IT in the national IT strategy, and problem-solving through collaboration with related agencies.
  • Strengthening coordination with related agencies and organizations to enable a smooth response to amendment of the medical and long-term care insurance system and revision of nursing care compensation and so on.
  • Researching new market trends and advanced IT applications and making proposals to government and other related agencies in order to revitalize the mature medical computing business. In addition, we are working to expand the business opportunities of members, improving external communications and member services such as education.

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