Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry


Greeting as Chairman of Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry
- Realize a healthy and comfortable society by data-driven society -



Let me start by expressing my deepest gratitude to all the frontline healthcare workers who continue to sacrifice so much in the fight against COVID-19.
Our global society and economy has been impacted greatly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our health and medical welfare environment in Japan has also experienced change, adding to established challenges such as our declining birthrate, aging population, increasing medical expenses and changes in the prevalence and presentation of disease in our communities. 
What was once thought of as common sense and normal practice in many areas of our lives has been challenged and now seems somewhat crazy, and what was once thought “crazy” is now seen as common sense and normal practice. We are now faced with creating a “new normal” including changes to our lifestyle, our workstyle and our society overall as we live with the consequences of COVID-19.
At the same time, new technologies in IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data continue to advance and play a role in that new normal.
New society - Society 5.0 - incorporating all the aforementioned technologies into standard industry practice is advancing rapidly and will be with us all very soon.
This new society and technologies will contribute to the realization of economic development and growth, and the improvement of social and community issues.  
Within this environment it is vital continue to focus on improving the quality of medical and welfare services, by utilization of data such as medical and health information.
The Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry (JAHIS), was established to contribute to developing the healthcare and welfare information systems industry, and to maintaining and improving health and wellbeing for peoples’ lives by promoting standardization, enhancing technology, and ensuring quality and safety of  systems.
JAHIS has shown the future vision of the health and medical welfare information system, through regular presentations to members and related organizations.  
This year is the 25th anniversary of the foundation of JAHIS.
To mark that important milestone, in January 2020 we released our "2030 Vision", detailing the realization of a complete data driven healthcare framework to serve society.
By accumulating, sharing and utilizing data in the fields of health, medical care, and nursing care, we will contribute to a "society in which people can live in good health” - as data providers.
We firmly believe that the data-driven type society set forth in the “2030 Vision” will play an ever more important role in the life stages of people's health, medical and long-term care.
JAHIS will continue to collaborate with relevant ministries, academic societies, and other related organizations to promote our activities toward this realization.
Your continued support and guidance is highly appreciated.

Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry
Toshio Takiguchi

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